August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge

During the month of August, Jean MacDonald (@macgenie) graciously organized a Photoblogging Challenge that became a wonderful introduction to the community. Individuals from the community created a theme for each day and it was a treat to begin each morning looking through everyone’s different take on the same word.

I came to hoping to escape the mindless promotion and perfectionism of Instagram but I didn’t expect it to turn out to be as welcoming, creative, and kind as it has. While the internet is too often overrun with negativity and judgement, the sharing that occurs over fun challenges like this are a catalyst for community.

If you’re reading this and wondering if is the place for you is for you, I encourage you to give one of these challeges a try. They are a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people.

A big thanks to the theme creators:

Day 1: up (@LJPUK)

Day 2: floating (@RossA)

Day 3: bug (@CTD)

Day 4: peace (@dejus)

Day 5: flow (@TheDimPause)

Day 6: bisect (@cdevroe)

Day 7: daytripping (@stevsmit)

Day 8: view (@Florentin)

Day 9: black-and-white (@Gabz)

Day 10: windows (@Miraz)

Day 11: transport (@odd)

Day 12: sound (@rnv)

Day 13: filter (@Spratte)

Day 14: among (@ronguest)

Day 15: silhouette (@crossingthethreshold)

Day 16: stationary (@joelhamill)

Day 17: cuddly (@jemostrom)

Day 18: grid (@JohnJohnston)

Day 19: ribbon (@agilelisa)

Day 20: change (@mitch)

Day 21: crunch (@gannonnordberg)

Day 22: home (@gregmoore)

Day 23: graceful (@jensaplin)

Day 24: frosty (@canion)

Day 25: hope (@maique)

Day 26: relentless (@poetalegre)

Day 27: overcome (@GregMorris)

Day 28: emotions (@dominikhoecht)

Day 29: flake (@kurite)

Day 30: discovery (@matthewlang)

Day 31: love (@vincent)