Having passed the 150 mark, I can definitively say that what’s made the biggest difference is a daily reminder that I can tap and take immediate action on. As much as I prefer pen and paper journaling, it never stuck like this.

The beautiful evening turned a short neighborhood walk into a four mile hike.

Memorial Day weekend was full of much-needed time reconnecting to nature with family and friends. I welcome the soreness from all the hiking and kayaking.

Dock in foreground on a lake with green tree line on the opposite side of the shoreline

My grandmother passed away today. Always passionate about music, she left this world surrounded by family who were singing to comfort her. A lovingly beautiful end.

Me and my grandmother

Seasons are still a thrilling novelty for me. Several months ago I was taking photos of ice covering this same tree that is now fullly blooming in the afternoon sun.

pink blossoms covering a tree branch in golden afternoon sun

I must replenish the coffee stores, lest mine attention turn fallow in the meetings upon this morn!

coffee being ground into a paper bag

A friend asked me for YouTube channel recommendations and my entire list was people who build and create things. I’m far more interested in people who make shit than talk it.

This photo is a stand-in for an insightfully funny, but relatable, post about how my kid learning to drive is great but also filling me with a parental terror I thought I’d managed within myself but obviously haven’t.

The Sad Ballad of Captain Keeves

There once was a captain who had skin like the sea
And his beard was as white as his spirit was free
He came to meet creatures who hailed from the land
And convinced them to join him as a sea-fairing band.

He bartered a pearl for a ship with no name …

All the windows are open to let in the sweet smell of spring.

Enjoying the view from my “office” today.

Like father, like daughter. (This is my new favorite photo❤️)

Michigan spring: I just broke out my shorts but it also might snow next Monday 🤪