Had a beautiful drive through Ohio and West Virginia for a spring break weekend with family in North Carolina.

Trying to take a lesson from my cat to search for the light, no matter how small.

cat sitting on carpet in a small patch of sunlight

The robins have returned, right on cue. Their song is a welcome pronouncement of warmer weather.

male amd female robins standing in the grass

Enjoying a lovely evening at the Detroit Institute of Art.

Immensely enjoyed Wayne State’s Jazz Big Band concert tonight. (My nephew is in there playing trumpet.) I spent the whole evening with a smile on my face and my foot tapping.

💿Few things bring as much joy as rescuing musical treasures from the thrift store and adding them to my collection. My daughter, who has never known life without internet, views my CD ripping like I’m a doomsday prepper.

🌶️ Homemade chili crisp ended up being easy to make, has none of the sugar they add to the commercial stuff, and is way, way less expensive.

Enjoying some Caturday while I rip some thrifted CD’s into my computer like an old man.

Today’s winter storm warning is no exaggeration. Everything was green an hour ago.

Feeling very fortunate this morning as we still have power while a great many people living west of us do not.

Though I liked summer light on you
If we ride a winter-long wind
Well, time’s not what I belong to
And I’m not the season I’m in

  • Robin Noel Pecknold

As much as I enjoy journaling on paper, switching to Day One seems to have finally cracked my problem with abandoning the practice. For now, my phone is my new notebook.

Overnight, all was coated in crystal. Everything now, is still and locked in place. But soon, the sun will gleam and the grass will rise from their bow.