Dot seeing snow for the first time in her life. I’m not sure if she was happy about it or not.

It’s below freezing and my cat now lives under my chin. Maybe I should get a baby sling for her?

Processing the changes of a cross-country move involves a lot of nuance, something the internet is particularly horrible at. I’ll get back to posting more as life solidifies.

cat laying on table

This is my cat beautifully expressing my family’s exhaustion. We are in the nasty bit of moving where, no matter how many things we box, it feels like we haven’t made a dent. We know it will eventually end but the only way out is through.

Moving from Florida

cat sleeping in empty cardboard moving box Downstairs, my wife is listening to a Motown playlist while making dinner. It’s the music of her home and a celebratory fist pump in knowing she’s returning to it. After many weeks of searching, and being outbid several times, we’ve finally secured …

Sleeping is her superpower. Related: I guess I’m not moving for a good while.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a working person in possession of a laptop, must be in want of a cat.

My best friend has passed. Her health was going downhill for a while now so it’s not a surprise but knowing something is going to happen doesn’t make things better when it does. In the end we made her as comfortable as we could. She passed at 5:30 EST at home with us.

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