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Compulsive creator. Powered by coffee. Does silly voices in Dungeons and Dragons. Work as a frontend dev at the University of South Florida but living a remote life near Detroit, Michigan.

Today’s vibe

Cat sitting indoors looking out through a screen door

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

🖖🏻 The most important thing the Picard series did for me was continue the story of my favorite Star Trek character, Seven of Nine. Everyone has their hot-takes on the series but I was just so happy for the chance to watch her journey continue.

Sad that I had to miss Micro Camp but I’m looking forward to catching up with the archived videos.

My grandmother passed away today. Always passionate about music, she left this world surrounded by family who were singing to comfort her. A lovingly beautiful end.

Me and my grandmother

Seasons are still a thrilling novelty for me. Several months ago I was taking photos of ice covering this same tree that is now fullly blooming in the afternoon sun.

pink blossoms covering a tree branch in golden afternoon sun