Greg Moore


Compulsive creator. Makes all the silly voices in RPG's. Powered by coffee. Frontend dev at the University of South Florida but living a remote life near Detroit, Michigan.

Congratulations to some dear friends on the healthy birth of their first son. (Especially the enduring 40+ hours of labor part!)

An Event Apart says farewell
😤This is genuinely upsetting news as those were the most useful conferences I ever attended, in person or virtually. I’m scared that we’ll soon have nothing left but commercials disguised as conferences.

Well, I was trying to have a virtual meeting…

File under “beware of life advice from young, single people”: Marie Kondo’s life is messier now — and she’s fine with it

Off to drive through the snow so women can beat me with swords. 🤺 …is a completely true sentence describing my evening.