More improvemets to my website including:

  • new dark mode colors (with increased weights in dark mode to make reading easier)
  • new fonts (now served from instead of Google to increase privacy)
  • new About page
  • new Colophon page

I managed to make some much-needed improvements to my theme such as a dark mode, color refinements, and some bug fixes.

It took a little over a week but I finally completed version 1 of my fully custom theme. I already have major changes I want to make to it but I’m going to leave those for after the holidays. I’d like to blame thank @mtt and @SimonWoods for giving me the push I needed to learn something totally new.

🤦🏼‍♂️ That feeling when you’ve spent nearly two days trying to laboriously troubleshoot a CSS error and then manage to fix it in seconds the next day when you, on a whim, rebuild the SASS file.

Trying a new music page as a more dynamic replacement of my Full Album Favorites list. It runs off of my Album Whale RSS feed (hat-tip: @bjhess)

I have more to do but the only real bug has been the Marfa theme wrapping every damn thing as an unordered list.

Conversation with my own brain while trying to fall asleep last night:

🧠 “Make a custom theme for your”

🧔‍♂️ “I already have too many personal projects and everybody just uses the timeline or apps anyway.”

🧠 “Remember Hey Loura!?”

🧔‍♂️ “I’ll start in the morning.”

Upgraded my M.b website to use more legible font sizes, colors, and rem/em units. Pretty sure nobody ever visits my site directly but if they do, they should have a nicer experience.

Finally broke down and jumped on the bandwagon this morning and I’m already having fun with it. I would like to blame @maique, @jean, and @pimoore instead of admitting that I’m a grown man who makes his own decisions.