The Sad Ballad of Captain Keeves

There once was a captain who had skin like the sea
And his beard was as white as his spirit was free
He came to meet creatures who hailed from the land
And convinced them to join him as a sea-fairing band.

He bartered a pearl for a ship with no name …

Spent the evening building a level 10 character for a D&D one-shot game. His character sheet (plus spells) is 10 pages long!😅 No idea how I’m going to play such a powerful character but at least I’ve got his character voice down.

Don’t normally share my art here but I’m super happy with my little Dragonborn, in his freshman Silverquill uniform, practicing his beginning Inkomancy.

My thoughtful brother in-law gifted me some vintage 1980’s Dungeons and Dragons metal figures. Their numbers aren’t even stamped into the bases, they’re hand carved! Now I have to figure out where I can find more information about them.

A new D&D adventure begins tonight and Trinket is ready for his first day of school at Strixhaven!

The D&D campaigns my friends and I play take about a year and a half to complete so I celebrate them by drawing a poster of everybody’s characters and having them printed. I don’t usually share them here but they are the two most important drawings I’ve ever made. (So far.)

two posters drawn by Greg Moore

After 20 months and 83 sessions, my group ended our third D&D campaign. During that time, one member got his drivers license, I moved across the country, another sold the house he had built, and our DM became pregnant with her first child. It’s more than just a game.

Sous, the warforged barbarian

I’ve spent over 40 hours drawing a poster to commemorate the conclusion of my D&D group’s year and a half campaign. It’s our DM’s first major campaign and she’s done a stellar job. I can’t wait to get the prints to them.😆

My first try at foam modeling. I made this bookshelf mountainside to display my D&D character minis on something more fun than clear acrylic boxes. Flocking is fun! Each of these minis are my past characters or hand-painted gifts from friends.

Painted Dungeons and Dragons figures standing on a handmade mountain model

Learning how to turn foam into mountains because it’s a much cooler bookshelf display for my character minis than a clear box. I’ve made it to the black-wash stage. Dry brushing is next and then I can figure out where to put foliage.

model mountains with black wash drying

Creativity begets creativity. It started with drawing my D&D characters, then I learned to paint their minis, and now it’s progressed to me carving places for them to live.

tabletop mini standing on carved foam rocks

My office once held a multi-year D&D game that quickly became the most popular way to create community between teams. It brought more disparate people together than all the sports and drinking events ever did. Sadly, COVID abruptly ended it and my office is lesser for it.

All of my D&D characters get “trophies” so I spent the afternoon painting their minis. They’re a small accomplishment (literally) but it feels so good to be doing something creative again.

Sous Ritter

Drew and printed a new D&D character for a one-shot and then we ended up having some “craft time” before the game painting them onto wooden figures instead. It was a ton of fun.

📷 mbfeb Day 25 | Code

When you’re on an adventure, you’re bound to encounter a secret code or two.

📷 mbfeb Day 13 | Make

I recently used the character drawings my daughter and I collaborated on to make a poster for our D&D group.

🥳 Woo, my D&D mini prints came in today! Going to paint these guys, add them to my others, and make a character trophy case.