Greg Moore


Compulsive creator. Powered by coffee. Does silly voices in Dungeons and Dragons. Work as a frontend dev at the University of South Florida but living a remote life near Detroit, Michigan.

The robins have returned, right on cue. Their song is a welcome pronouncement of warmer weather.

male amd female robins standing in the grass

As horrible as Spotify’s upcoming TikTok-inspired home screen is, at least being honest about why they’re burning down their house: “What we’re optimizing for right now is to get you to see and listen to more of these podcasts.”

Apple Music may be getting a new customer this year.

Driving by the Uniroyal Giant Tire. This 80 foot high, 12 ton wheel once doubled as a Ferris wheel at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Enjoying a lovely evening at the Detroit Institute of Art.

Streaming music playlists are good for mindlessly putting on music but I get far more enjoyment listening to full albums. Before you press play on another chill beats to study to playlist, give some of these a try.

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