📷 Love – I have always loved watching the sunset play off of clouds and I’ll never forget this particular evening. The fading sun was an explosion covering the entire sky and I felt the same feelings of smallness I had when visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time.

sunset cloud streaks

📷 Discovery – There’s always something to discover in the boxes around our home.

cat peeking out from inside a wooden box

📷 Overcome - It took several days of applying to get my daughter into the jedi academy before she was finally given the chance to overcome the dark side.

Darth Vader battles kid

📷 Relentless – Florida storms always include relentless amounts of rain. That’s Disney’s Magic Kingdom castle right in the center.

Disney's magic kingdom in a rainstorm

📷 Frosty – A nice frosty glass of one of my favorite beers.

asahi super dry beer

📷 Graceful – A great blue heron gracefully fishing in my parents backyard.

great blue heron

📷 Home – I’ve moved far too many times for a building or a location to capture my heart but wherever these two are, I am home.

my family

📷 Crunch – My daughter was born in a place where snow is something you only see in decorations and movies so it was a big deal when we visited my wife’s hometown and let her crunch through it behind the old elementary school.

no sledding during school hours

📷 Change – Raintree blooms signal the change to winter’s sweet relief in Florida.

raintree in bloom

📷 Grid – The grid where models are assembled, computers are repaired, and small leather craft gets done.

hobby mat grid with tools

📷 Stationary – I do not miss this even the slightest

stationary traffic

📷 Silhouette – From the pre-Covid times when my family enjoyed dashing out to local breweries.

Silhouette at table

📷 Filter – During a solar eclipse, the light that filtered through the trees became half-moon shaped, mirroring the celestial movements occurring in space.

solar eclipse sun dapples

📷 sound – I haven’t heard the sound of a pay phone in over a decade. That’s why I was so surprised to find this one by the beach in Gulfport, FL earlier this year.

old pay phone