Greg Moore


Compulsive creator. Powered by coffee. Does silly voices in Dungeons and Dragons. Work as a frontend dev at the University of South Florida but living a remote life near Detroit, Michigan.

This buying guide/review for the Brother HL-L2305DW is one of the best ever written. Everything this article says is true and this exact printer is sitting, ever vigilant, right behind me.

The freedom to put your thoughts out there without too many impediments is one of the greatest benefits of the digital age, but you don’t have to develop a monetization mindset around that freedom.

Today is always the best day to be more yourself. Use your humanity to connect with humans.

The snow is back and lightly falling.

Hobby Lobby is the Whole Foods of craft stores: All of the real products are along the outside while the middle is overpriced, pre-packaged, virtue signaling.

Keeping warm on caturday

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