Don’t normally share my art here but I’m super happy with my little Dragonborn, in his freshman Silverquill uniform, practicing his beginning Inkomancy.

The D&D campaigns my friends and I play take about a year and a half to complete so I celebrate them by drawing a poster of everybody’s characters and having them printed. I don’t usually share them here but they are the two most important drawings I’ve ever made. (So far.)

two posters drawn by Greg Moore

📷 mbfeb Day 25 | Code

When you’re on an adventure, you’re bound to encounter a secret code or two.

📷 mbfeb Day 13 | Make

I recently used the character drawings my daughter and I collaborated on to make a poster for our D&D group.

🎨 I really wanted some Hilda art for my office so I spent some time making one of my own.