The robins have returned, right on cue. Their song is a welcome pronouncement of warmer weather.

male amd female robins standing in the grass

A mother Canada goose decided to nest right outside of the church sanctuary window. At one point she started pecking at the window and we all decided she was yelling at us to, ”keep it down in there!”

canada goose nesting

The air is warming, the days are longer, and the robins are back to sing the sun to rest.

North American robin standing on banister at sunset

Spotted a Dark-eyed Junco huddling in the branches of our backyard today. Apparently they are true snowbirds, coming down from Canada for winter. They must be tough to find 4° F a warm escape.

Met a peacock this weekend and immediately thought of how they wake @maique’s family up all the time.


House Finch dad keeping watch on his mate and her nest.

House Finch male

Teenage cardinal was a little calmer while hanging out with us today.

I met one of the new baby hawks on a walk yesterday. Totally fearless about us walking under her. I wish I’d had my real camera with me but it was close enough to capture this with my phone.

They may look like they’re singing but this pair of Great Crested Flycatchers spent a good deal of the weekend attacking their reflections in our window. Thankfully, they do have beautiful songs once they calm down.

<a href=">Great Crested Flycatchers

The squirrels have a lot more than blue jays to worry about this morning!


Spring continues to increase the diversity of our backyard birds. This week, the blue jays have returned to battle the squirrels for seeds.

blue jay

Cardinal Kiss Cam This couple loves to feed each other each night at our feeders. It’s very sweet.

kissing cardinals

Somehow a Rose-breasted Grosbeak flew all the way down from the great white north to hang out in our backyard. Good thing we had snacks prepared!

Another hummingbird arrived in the back yard and the first is not happy to share. Lots of beautiful mid-air battles.