Caught some “neighbors” arguing about something on today’s walk. I think they should just make up and appreciate the beautiful day. (I sure did.)

Finally managed to capture the woodpecker with the help of the phone app’s remote shutter.

red-bellied woodpecker

Mother owl is watching over me, making sure I don’t try anything funny with her child.

Grogu, the baby owl, figured out how to get out of his house and get some cooler air.

The baby of the owl family (we named him Grogu) is finally old enough to venture outside of their house.

A new day brings a fresh start. The birds are enjoying the morning and I finally managed to take a clear photo of a catbird. My camera finds black on black feathers difficult.

The newly hatched owlet at my parents house is making regular appearances now. We’ve taken to calling him “Grogu”

📷 mbfeb Day 27 | Pompasetting

The wild chickens that wander downtown Ybor City are forever pompasetting for each other.

We heard a loud noise and found an unlucky dove had slammed into our window. Hit so hard that you can even see it’s eye in the powder mark it left. Thankfully, it turned out to be ok and is still cooing and flying.

The closest photo I could get of a Red-shouldered Hawk who put on an air show today. It kept to a small area where it would catch currents and up-drafts to swoop and soar with ease.

This morning, a pair of young American Goldfinches were nice enough to pose for me. We were all still and quiet for a long time, just watching the sunrise together over bird seed and coffee.

American Goldfinch

A hawk on my walk! This lovely one allowed me to get surprisingly close for a photo.

My favorite backyard buddy: the Titmouse. These little spitfires are not only the perfect balance of size and speed but they’re super cute when they flirt with each other. Defensive squawks turn into small, loving chirps.

Titmouse bird standing at seed feeder

Fishing. The late sunset made it the trees reflection look like fall colors for a few minutes.

heron fishes at waters edge

Spotted a new visitor this morning as an Eastern Wood-Pewee came around to eat some of our flying insects.

Eastern Wood-Pewee

One of the neighborhood’s great egrets enjoying some fishing in the high waters caused by tropical storm Eta.

great egret standing on tree branch in forest
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