📷 mbfeb Day 25 | Code

When you’re on an adventure, you’re bound to encounter a secret code or two.

📷 mbfeb Day 24 | Baby

Four generations in one photo. Everyone is a baby to someone else.

📷 mbfeb Day 23 | Banana

I find bananas disgusting but I like their color. Here are some banana-colored flowers I found on today’s walk.

📷 mbfeb Day 20 | Weather

Anyone who’s worked at Disney has stories of guests asking them to change the weather.

clouds over magic kingdom

mbfeb Day 18 | At Home

Nearly a year of working from home has made this how I experience nearly every day.

📷 mbfeb Day 16 | Erudite

Sure I have William Shakespeare, Jules Verne, and Haruki Murakami. But they’re not nearly as fun as what Yotsuba gets up to.

📷 mbfeb Day 13 | Make

I recently used the character drawings my daughter and I collaborated on to make a poster for our D&D group.

📷 mbfeb Day 11 | Machine

Over the years together, this has become my favorite machine. It’s literally shown me new ways of seeing and taught me a lot about myself.

📷 mbfeb Day 9 | Muddy

We’re too far south to have much dirt, much less mud. Instead, we have wet sand.

📷 mbfeb Day 7 | Craving

My wife discovered a wonderful chocolate olive oil cake recipe that we now crave.