A tiny silver light shines like a brilliant star in the near total blackness of a bedroom. It’s steady beam faintly illuminating the pause/play symbols on a set of headphones. Within their while plastic shell, small magnetic drivers pulse a faint rhythmic beat into a woman’s ears.
If this woman is listening, we can’t tell as she is making no expression. Her only sign of movement is the equally rhythmic rise and fall of her chest as she takes in and releases air.

Minutes flow on with no change to the muted scene.
The headphones continue to pulse.
The woman continues to breathe.

Before we loose interest, however, a car passes silently outside. The light from it’s headlights rush across the room and momentarily reveal a hidden world we couldn’t see before. Warm, red colored walls. Photographs framed in rough golden wood. The open door to what looks to be a bathroom. The silky shine on the folds of the woman’s pajamas as she lays above her covers.
Within this sudden visual revelation, we are also able to see a movement that we could not perceive before. Wisps of black smoke are silently curling from underneath the woman’s still body. Once the light is gone, we can no longer see them but the density of blackness within the room falls even heavier than before.

Though we can no longer see the room’s details, we know that things are changing. The rhythm from the headphones no longer matches the woman’s excelerated breathing. The black smoke fills the room and we can no longer see the details of her face as we could before. The small silver light remains our only visual guide.

The light begins to move. Slowly at first, then more quickly, it rises high into the air. The woman’s breathing continues to quicken and follow the light upward until we hear a sudden gasp. Instantly, the black shroud fades from the room and we can see the woman is levitating far above her bed. From our viewing angle, we can barely make out a surprised expression as she continues to gasp the air.

Another car silently passes outside and the beam from it’s headlights track across the room from right to left. As the bright light scans over the levitating woman, her body falls slowly and silently back atop the covers of her bed.


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