The Scarab

“AH! Bloody hell!” Screamed Reginald as he quickly pulled his foot from the boot. Something fell out and scurried to a dark corner.

“What’s happened?!” Reginald’s assistant burst into the tent brandishing an iron cooking pot. “Are you all right sir?”

“Yes, yes, Percy. I’m fine. I merely forgot to check my boots before putting them on and I seem to have been bitten by something.” Reginald waved to the corner where the creature had retreated.”The little bugger headed over there.”

“We better find him, sir.” Percy raised his upper lip as he squinted into the dark corner. “Could be dangerous, sir.”

“Quite.” Reginald said as he tried to stand. Pain shot through the bite area causing him to hiss through gritted teeth.”You sure you’re alright, sir?” Percy asked.

“I said I’m fine. Do make yourself useful, and help me find the damned thing.” Reginald said impatiently. He limped towards his desk and grabbed a large rock he had been using as a paperweight. Percy went to another table and lit a small oil lamp.
Weapons in hand, both men carefully crept towards the dark corner. Eventually, Percy’s lamp revealed an inky black scarab beetle.

“There’s the offender!” Reginald hissed while raising his rock high overhead. Percy moved first however, and swung his pot down to the floor with a hollow bang. Unfortunately, he missed and the black insect took flight straight at him. Eyes wide, Percy ran from the counter attack hooting.

“Calm down you twit!” Reginald chided as he took the pot from the floor. “I’ll handle the little bugger.” Reginald focused on timing his swing just as Percy ran past and successfully connected with the perusing insect. The pot dinged like a bell and the scarab hit the far tent wall with a soft puff.

“That’s how you do it!” Reginald said proudly as Percy continued running around the room.

“Settle down Percy! It’s over!” Reginald yelled. Percy gave a surprised look and panted to a stop.

“Sorry sir,” He bent over leaning on his knees. “I aint never had such an insect chase me before.”

“Yes well, perhaps the next time you find yourself in such… mortal danger you will do better to keep your head about you?” Reginald stood over his kill. “Remember, I’m the one who was stung. Besides, it’s merely an insect. What harm could it do really?”

Little did Reginald know that, even as he spoke those words, a metamorphosis was beginning to take place within his body. Fortunately, Percy had taken Reginald’s chastisements to heart and was able to dispatch a man-sized scarab that he later found in Reginald’s room.

From a creative writing excercise where we were challenged to write in two different accents.


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