Cat Cora’s Recovery: First Night

Last night was akin to having a newborn in the house.

My wife and I decided the easiest way to calm Cora, and keep an eye on her, was to put our Japanese futon mattresses at the foot of the bed and sleep on floor level with her. That turned out to be true but it also meant dealing with her stumbling around the room half the night, scraping her head along the walls in an attempt to remove her cone. Thankfully, the cone held through all of that so I think we’ll sleep better tonight knowing she can’t get to her stitches and hurt herself.

By 2 am she stopped growling/screaming every time she stood up so we hope this means the healing has actually begun.

We were awakened nearly every hour. It required giving ourselves little pep talks inside our head; “This minute is bad but in the next minute, things will have gotten better, no matter how small the improvement.”


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