First Anniversary

Flower like a firework

I’m a little late in celebrating my first year on here. Like much of the world, the COVID lockdown forced a new focus to my online communities. I left the perpetual trolling and self-aggrandizing hustle of the big social networks and joined in April of 2020. It was a great service but I didn’t really discover M.b’s magic until participating in the August Photo Challenge. That’s when I discovered the real magic of M.b is the community. If it wasn’t for all of the positive and thoughtful sharing that event brought, I’m sure this site would have flamed out like all my previous attempts at blogging.

I want to say a special thanks to @maique, @hollyhoneychurch, @odd, @ohBananaJoe, and @aa for taking the time to comment on a stranger’s photos and making him feel welcome. To repeat something I mentioned in my Micro Monday appearance, small kindnesses can often seem inconsequential or unimportant at the time but your comment can really make somebody’s day. Don’t wait to say something nice.


Greg Moore @gregmoore