Audio Time Capsule

It’s been two years since the ever-wonderful Jean MacDonald (@jean) invited me to chat with her on the Micro Monday Podcast, Episode 95. It was my first time ever being on a podcast but Jean made me immediately comfortable and I enjoyed the experience a lot.

Since that episode, I’ve undergone some major life changes and it has become a personal time capsule of a slice of my life I would not have otherwise documented. Forcing myself to re-listen, I can find all sorts of knit-picks to criticize myself for but overall, I still stand by much of what I said:

  • Finding ways to embrace your local climate is key to enjoying where you live.
  • Participating in creative pushes, like’s monthly photo challenge, are great opportunities to connect with other people and better understand your own creativity.
  • Personal blogs are far more interesting to follow than hashtag social media hustles.


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