The D&D campaigns my friends and I play take about a year and a half to complete so I celebrate them by drawing a poster of everybody’s characters and having them printed. I don’t usually share them here but they are the two most important drawings I’ve ever made. (So far.)

two posters drawn by Greg Moore

Some days, the internet feels like it’s nothing but a mall full of stalkers and “friends” that charge you a fee to hang out with them.

I’ve been binging on early Björk albums this entire week. It’s been like having old friends over for a visit. Homogenic still has the power to take my breath away.

None of the snow flurries or morning meetings can disturb her chill.

The first real snow of the season is falling and it’s actually kind of nice.

The rotting pumpkin doesn’t share this view. (Sorry little guy but you were starting to smell.)

The last of the fall leaves have fallen and winter is closing in. Not a lot of opportunities for interesting photos until the snow falls.

After 20 months and 83 sessions, my group ended our third D&D campaign. During that time, one member got his drivers license, I moved across the country, another sold the house he had built, and our DM became pregnant with her first child. It’s more than just a game.

Sous, the warforged barbarian

I can only hope to be as vibrant and impactful when my time comes.

I’ve spent over 40 hours drawing a poster to commemorate the conclusion of my D&D group’s year and a half campaign. It’s our DM’s first major campaign and she’s done a stellar job. I can’t wait to get the prints to them.😆

The skies and the trees glowed together for a few, brief minutes this morning. This is as close as I could come to capturing the incredibly intense colors. I didn’t expect such a show while taking the compost out.

Visitors to the back door are increasing as the temperatures fall. We’re technically not supposed to feed them but who could say no to that face?! A little sunflower seeds never hurt anyone.😇

squirrel begging at window

Alligator watching day. Lots of little new ones sunning and swimming through the lettuce.🐊

No One Cares - “People care about how your output helps them. No one cares about much else.”

It’s a cynical take, and I know it isn’t healthy, but I’ve been feeling this a lot lately.

Trees can make pictures just like clouds. I see a dragon but that’s probably just because my D&D game is tonight.

Enjoyed my nephew playing the Jazz Cafe at Music Hall in downtown Detroit.

The first really cold evening came early this year but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the skeleton festival.

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