Today marks my 100th consecutive day writing to my personal journal. Thrilling as this is higher than I’ve managed previously.

I just love the beautiful windows at Duke University’s chapel.

Piercing through the blue ridge mountains again as we return to the north. Thanks for sharing your beauty, North Carolina.

Durham, NC offered a splendid night on the town with great drinks, food, and ice cream. Perfect for catching up with family under a long and beautiful sunset.

Had a beautiful drive through Ohio and West Virginia for a spring break weekend with family in North Carolina.

Goodbye by Ulrich Schnauss
Ulrich Schnauss

There are feelings and emotions rooted in the deeper, darker heart of ourselves that can only be touched by diving below our surface. Music is a frequent guide to accessing this unexplored territory and helping us explore what we don’t have words to express.

But once you are given a tool that operates effortlessly — but only in a certain way — every choice that deviates from the standard represents a major cost.

I recently blogged about my new music page and some really wonderful people stopped by to share their thoughts. It was really fun but it also made me wonder: Without that post, would anybody have ever found that page? Are blogs and social network streams the only tools we have left to discover content that isn’t selling something?

Enjoying a lovely evening at the Detroit Institute of Art.

I stumbled on a question I journaled back in 2017 about social networks turning daily life into performative hustles. It still feels relevant.

Are we heading towards an age where nobody really understands their inner life anymore because we’ve been trained to ignore it?

Immensely enjoyed Wayne State’s Jazz Big Band concert tonight. (My nephew is in there playing trumpet.) I spent the whole evening with a smile on my face and my foot tapping.

💿Few things bring as much joy as rescuing musical treasures from the thrift store and adding them to my collection. My daughter, who has never known life without internet, views my CD ripping like I’m a doomsday prepper.

Feeling very fortunate this morning as we still have power while a great many people living west of us do not.

As much as I enjoy journaling on paper, switching to Day One seems to have finally cracked my problem with abandoning the practice. For now, my phone is my new notebook.

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